Roman house with garden

Roman house

Die Jugendlichen der Jugendbauhütte Regensburg, die einen Teil eines Römerhauses nachgebaut habenRömerhaus

Together with the “Jugendbauhütte Regensburg”, we built part of a Roman strip-house, which was shown at the garden show "Natur in Wassertrüdingen 2019" from May 24th to September 8th, 2019 and can now be viewed all day in the Roman Park Ruffenhofen.

The house forms the end of a Roman garden. The garden itself is not a fragrant Roman rose garden, but a kitchen garden as it was found on the Limes 1800 years ago. This also includes a fully functional oven that can be used on campaign days.

Further information on the “Jugendbauhütte Regensburg”:

From July 5th to 7th, 2021, the “Jugendbauhütte Regensburg” carried out renovation work on the facade and the wooden roof.

Nachgebautes römisches Langhaus mit Garten Römerhaus mit Garten


Plan des römischen Gartens