FAQ / Frequently asked questions

How much does admission cost and what are the opening hours?
The prices  and opening hourscan be found on the LIMSEUM website.


How can I pay?
In the LIMSEUM you can only pay with cash.


Is there a museum shop?
Yes. There you can buy books and replicas as well as common souvenirs (e.g. magnets).


Can you take photos in the museum?
Photography in the museum is only permitted for private use.


Is the museum wheelchair accessible?
The museum is fully wheelchair accessible. There is also a wheelchair that can be borrowed if required.


Can bags and jackets be taken into the exhibition?
Jackets and especially bags may not be taken into the exhibition. We have a cloakroom with lockers for this. Larger parts can be handed in at the checkout for storage.



In which languages is the offer available?
The exhibition texts of the permanent exhibition are in German and English.

Guided tours are generally in German. With a surcharge and prior arrangement, we also offer guided tours in English and French.

We offer the museum flyers in German, English, French and Italian.


How can I book a guided tour?
Write us an email to info@roemerpark-ruffenhofen.de or fill out the contact form. Or call us during opening hours on 09854/9799242. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for you and your group with you.

A place on a public tour cannot be booked in advance.


What if a tour group is late?
If you are running late with your group, please let us know in good time. Best by phone.


Where does the tour start?
The meeting point for all tours is the museum ticket office.



Are there toilets and a changing table?
Of course, there are toilets, and there is also a barrier-free toilet.

There is a changing table in the anteroom on the wall opposite the wash basin.


Is there a private breastfeeding option?
On request we can offer you a suitable place for breastfeeding.



Are there restaurants or cafes nearby?
In the entrance area at the museum ticket office we also offer you a small café with hot and cold drinks as well as a small selection of muffins and cakes.

In the surrounding communities of Gerolfingen, Wittelshofen and Weiltingen you will find several restaurants to choose from.


Is there a parking fee?
No, parking at the LIMSEUM and Römerpark is free of charge.


Are dogs allowed?
Only assistance dogs (e.g. guide dogs for the blind) are allowed in the museum.

All dogs are allowed in the Römerpark, but they must always be on a leash. If you want to visit the museum you can leash your dog in front of it, there is also a drinking bowl to borrow.



Can we ride our bikes in the museum park?
Out of consideration for other visitors, we ask that you do not ride your bike in the park. There are bicycle racks at the museum car park. Including charging option for two e-bikes.


Can we have a picnic in the park?
You can have a picnic in the Römerpark area. Any rubbish that is generated is to be taken away. Please keep the seats at the LIMSEUM free for guests of the café!


Are barbecues allowed in the park?
No. For safety reasons, open fires and barbecues are not permitted in the park.


Can you smoke in the park?
Smoking is permitted in front of the LIMSEUM. In the park we ask you to take the cigarette butts with you and dispose of them later.